The care and treatment of children and adolescents in relation to their gender identity in the UK (2021)

Background Paper

Exploratory project

A transfeminine non binary person and transmasculine gender nonconforming person looking at a phone and laughing

This project is being overseen by a working group made up of Council members.

Council working groups are not constituted to be representative of particular constituencies, but rather to draw on a wealth of experience in examining key questions of ethics and policy in a careful, considered and independent manner.

Dave Archard (Chair)

Dave is the Chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. He is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Queen’s University Belfast.

Clare Chambers

Clare is Professor of Political Philosophy and a Fellow of Jesus College, University of Cambridge.

Tara Clancy

Tara Clancy is a Consultant Registered Genetic Counsellor (GCRB 190) and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine.

Elaine Gadd

Elaine is a former Consultant Psychiatrist, with extensive experience in national and international bioethics policy.

Anne Kerr

Anne is Professor of Sociology and Head of the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow

Michael Reiss

Michael is Professor of Science Education at UCL Institute of Education, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Priest in the Church of England.

Mehrunisha Suleman

Mehrunisha is a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge.

Sue Tansey

Susan is an independent Consultant Pharmaceutical Physician working with small and medium sized companies in the pharmaceutical industry.