The care and treatment of children and adolescents in relation to their gender identity in the UK (2021)

Background Paper

Exploratory project

A transfeminine non binary person and transmasculine gender nonconforming person looking at a phone and laughing

Section 7: Other

Please use this section to share any other thoughts and comments which you have not been able to make in response to earlier questions.

Finally, we are also interested in understanding people’s views and experiences of how this topic is debated and discussed more broadly. Many people have highlighted how polarised and hostile the debate around issues of gender identity and trans rights has become, and noted that this may inhibit open discussion about some of the clinical, legal and ethical complexities of this issue.

15. Are there any other ethical issues which arise in the context of the care and treatment of children and young people in relation to their gender identity that you would like to draw to our attention?

16. More generally, have you felt able to engage in talking about these issues openly in your personal or professional life?