Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues


Published 28/01/2020

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This short report outlines the main themes, findings, and recommendations from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics’ report Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues (published January 2020).

The report follows a two-year in-depth inquiry run by an international working group, who benefited from the evidence and experience shared by many contributors across the globe (see map below for locations of contributors). Contributions were made through responses to an open call for evidence, participation in roundtable and one-to-one meetings, critique of early drafts of the report, and involvement in international workshops and events.


  1. Why is the report needed?
  2. Emergency preparedness, response, and research
  3. Developing an ethical compass
  4. Whose voices should be heard? – An inclusive approach to influencing research
  5. An inclusive approach to study design and review
  6. Consent and beyond – the wider ethics ecosystem
  7. Collaborations and partnerships
  8. Data and samples
  9. Ethical issues faced by front-line workers