Genome editing and farmed animal breeding: social and ethical issues


Published 01/12/2021

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Public dialogues on genome editing in farmed animals


We worked with BBSRC and Sciencewise on a public dialogue to further explore the use of genome editing in farmed animals.

The dialogue involved 80 members of the public and took place between May and July 2022. It was delivered by research consultancy Basis Social and overseen by an advisory group chaired by Sarah Mukherjee MBE.

The findings of this dialogue were published in October 2022.


To help inform our in-depth inquiry, we commissioned an online dialogue. The aim was to provide an opportunity for people to explore the values and considerations that informed their response to genome editing technologies and the implications for farmed animals, the food system and society more generally.

A group of 42 participants from across the UK took place in three online workshops over the course of June and July 2021. It was delivered by research consultancy Basis Social working with Bright Harbour.

The findings of the online dialogue were published in September 2021.