In May 2011, Members of the Working Party on emerging biotechnologies held fact-finding meetings with specialists in research and development and public engagement, as part of their evidence gathering process.

During the first meeting, experts in synthetic biology, tissue engineering, biochemistry, cloning, gene therapy and deep brain stimulation shared their views on a range of issues, including:
  • The concept of emerging biotechnology

  • The framing of the debate around emerging biotechnologies

  • Timelines for the delivery of applications of emerging biotechnology

  • Regulatory systems

  • Public opinion

  • Intellectual property rights

The second meeting was attended by academics and representatives from a number of organisations specialising in public engagement, including charities and Government bodies. The meeting focused on the purpose of public engagement, how public engagement can and should be performed, and the benefits of public engagement.

The Working Party is continuing with its investigation and will publish a report with recommendations in autumn 2012.

If you would like to have your say on any of these issues, please respond to our consultation on emerging biotechnologies.