The Council is collaborating on ‘Stunted trees and broken bridges’, the latest play from the Central YMCA’s national touring theatre company Y Touring. A trailer video for this production is now available.

The play, which will be touring UK schools in spring 2013, is written by Ben Musgrave with advice from several of the members of the Council’s Working Party on novel neurotechnologies.

‘Stunted trees and broken bridges’ aims to engage audiences of pupils aged 14 and above in debate about the ethical, social and legal issues arising from the development and impact of novel neurotechnologies. It will also explore questions around personality, identity, responsibility and liberty. Each performance of the play is followed by live debate and electronic voting.

This will be the Council’s fourth collaboration with Y-Touring Theatre Company. Previous plays produced in partnership with the Council include Every Breath (autumn 2005), Sweet as you are (2000) and Pig in the middle (1997). To find out more about Y-touring visit

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