Following the completion of a wide ranging strategic review in 2011/12, the Council has published a Strategic Plan for the period 2012 – 2016.

Strategic Plan front coverThe plan sets out a number of objectives across five broad aspects of Council business - our people, our work programme, our audiences, our partnerships and our business management. It outlines the specific ways in which we will address our key priorities, in line with the outcomes of our review, over the coming years.

Areas that have been identified for development include:
  • Diversity of input, ensuring that as wide a range of people as possible are able to contribute to our work.

  • Ensuring a wide reach so that both the policy impact and promotion of public debate is maximised.

  • Making sure our processes and decision making is transparent, enabling stakeholders to see how we operate and how people can interact

  • Evaluation of the quality, reach and impact of our work

Professor Jonathan Montgomery, Chair of the Council, said, “The Nuffield Council on Bioethics is here to ensure that the UK has robust, rigorous open-minded debates about new developments in science and technology and to consider how we can use them for the benefit of everyone in our society. Our strategic plan sets out the changes we will make to ensure the best use of the investment by our funders, our Council members and all of those who participate in our activities as we look for new opportunities to achieve this.”
  • Download the Strategic Plan (PDF 2MB).

  • Watch the full interview with Professor Jonathan Montgomery in which he talks about the Council’s work in the years ahead.

  • Read more about this on our blog: "Reason, rigour and rationality: supporting healthy public debate"

  • To request a printed copy of the Strategic Plan please email