The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has adopted the Council’s stewardship model for public health “as a reference point for guiding decisions about what types of intervention may be justified.”

The stewardship model was proposed as a basis for making decisions about public health issues including alcohol and tobacco, infectious diseases, obesity and water fluoridation in the Council's 2007 report Public health: ethical issues.

In an article in the Journal of Public Health,1 the stewardship model is cited as “[defining] appropriate means of achieving public health goals that are highly relevant to NICE’s purpose:
  • promoting health through programmes to support behaviour change as well as providing information and advice

  • aiming to ensure that it is easy for people to lead a healthy life through changes in the physical and social environment

  • ensuring that people have access to medical services and addressing health inequalities"

1 Killoran, A and White, P (2010) NICE public health guidance Journal of Public Health 32(1):136-137

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