What do you think are the burning bioethics issues that the Council should be working on over the next few years?

We would like to hear from you with your comments and ideas on a range of topics that may be chosen as possible future work themes. Download a summary of future work topics to read more about the issues that have been suggested to the Council, from human enhancement and the pursuit of longer living to population control and the social determinants of health.

For a topic to be selected, it should fit the following conditions:
  • be novel: be linked to substantial new developments in medicine or biology

  • raise ethical questions and concerns of some complexity be timely: the Council aims to be proactive in its selection of new topics

  • lead to a report that would be likely to have an important impact on policy or practice

  • be within the Council’s terms of reference

To send in your suggestions please email Carol Perkins on futurework@nuffieldbioethics.org. We would be grateful if you could address the following questions in your comment:
  • What topic(s) do you think the Council could make the most useful contribution to and why?

  • What type of output would you find most helpful for your preferred topic(s) – for example, an in-depth report, fact sheets, a public discussion event, policy focussed materials, etc.

Read more about the Council’s Future Work planning.