Demanding Dilemmas, a children’s radio series supported by the Council, is currently airing on Fun Kids radio station.

The ten part series features characters Bene and Mal and is written for 6 to 12 year olds. It aims to introduce children and parents to basic concepts of bioethics and promote discussion of a range of topical issues.

You can listen to Bene and Mal’s Demanding Dilemmas at 6.30pm each day (except Fridays) on DAB Digital Radio in London and the South East, and online across the UK at

The episodes are also available to download free from iTunes:

Don’t miss an episode! Here is the January broadcast schedule, all at 6.30pm:
  • Thursday 9th – Infectious Diseases

  • Saturday 11th – Medical Trials

  • Sunday 12th – Fluoride in Water

  • Monday 13th - Using DNA in Forensics

  • Tuesday 14th - Human Enhancement

  • Wednesday 15th - Biofuels Part 1

  • Thursday 16th - Biofuels Part 2

  • Saturday 18th - GM Crops 1

  • Sunday 19th - GM Crops 2

  • Monday 20th – Healthy Eating

Demanding Dilemmas will be repeated throughout January and February, and will change to a new time slot at the end of January. We will keep you posted.

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