The Council will be an advisory partner on a new play, ‘Brainwaves’, which explores the ethical and social impact of developments in neurotechnology.

Brainwaves’ is the latest project from Y-Touring, the Central YMCA’s national touring theatre company, who develop plays for young people exploring issues of health, sex education and science ethics. The play aims to engage audiences in an informed debate about progress in neuroscience and highlight questions surrounding identity, personal responsibility and liberty that maybe raised by the applications of new forms of neurotechnology.

Image by Shakeeb Abu Hamdan

Several members of the Council’s Working Party on novel neurotechnologies, which expects to publish a report in spring 2013, will act as advisors for the ‘Brainwaves’ project. Many attended an introductory workshop run by Y-Touring on 22 June and gave presentations on the main ethical questions that the project may address.

‘Brainwaves’ will be touring schools in the UK in spring 2013 and will include a performance of a play featuring young actors, followed by live debate including electronic voting. This will be the Council’s fourth collaboration with Y-Touring Theatre Company. Previous plays produced in partnership with the Council include Every Breath (autumn 2005), Sweet as you are (2000) and Pig in the middle (1997).

Find out more about the Council’s project on novel neurotechnologies.

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